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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm migration risks return by tomorrow night into Thursday morning especially across portions of Kansas and Nebraska as high pressure begins to move to the southeast which will likely allow southerly winds to return to portions of the Plains states by that time. Low risks continue through the extended period across much of the corn-growing region as high pressure moves back into the southeastern United States and also as a cold front begins pressing into the upper Midwest and northern Plains. South to southwest winds originating in northern Texas and Oklahoma may provide the threat for mainly isolated moth flights from late week into next weekend across much of the corn-growing region especially to the north of the Ohio River valley. The overall weather pattern, however, is not conducive to larger scale flights. In addition, crops in many areas are moving past critical stages in their growth and the source region for a greater concentration of moths is not expected to be as favorable in comparison to further east in the mid-Mississippi River valley. Still, growers especially in the upper Midwest should continue to scout their crops and take appropriate action if it is needed as recent flights in the past week in addition to continued pressure on late planted and slower maturing crops have been reported.