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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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The weather pattern across much of the corn-growing region is expected to begin to change in the days ahead as cold air begins to penetrate south from Canada. A strong cold front is predicted to pass through the entire corn-growing region between now and Thursday morning. To the southeast of the cold front, south to southwest winds will be rather common but not particularly strong and they are also not expected to originate from a very favorable source region for corn earworm. As a result, and also given the late time of the year in relation to the current crop stage, only Low risks are predicted southeast of a Goodland, Kansas to south of Minneapolis, Minnesota line tonight with risks as far east as Michigan, southwest Ontario, and Ohio as well. The front slides southeast further during the day on Tuesday, and the Low risk area is confined to fields from Kansas into southeast Nebraska, southern and eastern Iowa, Missouri, southern Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, northwest Kentucky, Michigan, and southwest Ontario, Canada. High pressure builds in late week and negates any risk by that time. Low risks return by Friday night into Saturday across the Plains as the next cold front begins moving into the Plains and Midwest. Fresh market and processing crop growers are at most risk at this time and should continue to monitor fields for corn earworm pressure and take appropriate action if needed and desired.