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Corn Earworm

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A strong cold front will move across much of the corn-growing region in the next 24 hours. As it does so, the recent bout of heat will come to an end and we will transition to a more active, cooler, and progressive weather pattern. The result will be more limited opportunities for corn earworm migration. No risk is in place for the next two nights as calm or northerly winds are expected to dominate much of the area. By Friday night into Saturday morning, southerly winds will likely return to the Plains states and may pose a Low risk of an isolated corn earworm flight especially from southern South Dakota southward into Kansas. Low risks then spread east into portions of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana for Saturday night into Sunday morning as the next cold front advances southeast through the corn-growing region. Growers that still have crops at susceptible stages to damage, especially the fresh-market and processors, should continue to monitor their fields and take appropriate action, if needed.