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Corn Earworm

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Despite a rather warm and humid air mass in place across much of the Corn Belt, southerly wind flow is expected to be rather weak the next five days. The result is only minimal chances for corn earworm migration into the middle of next week. Low migration risks are in place tonight from northern Oklahoma and Kansas northeast into Missouri, southeast Nebraska, Iowa, and western Illinois as enough southwest wind flow will be present to the south of a weakening cold front to pose an isolated flight risk. This front is expected to stall out and decrease in strength through the middle of next week, and as high pressure in the southeast United States actually moves west into the mid-south, southerly winds to the south of the remnant front will become very weak so no risk of corn earworm migration is predicted on Days 2-4. By Day 5, signs of a potential weather pattern change are seen as the high moves back east and southerly winds return to the Plains in advance of the next low pressure system. Low corn earworm migration risks are in place at the end of the extended period for the central Plains and southwest Corn Belt in response to increasing southerly flow.