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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
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No less than two cold fronts are predicted to pass through the corn-growing region through the early portions of next week. To the east of each front will lie the potential for isolated corn earworm migration possibilities to the remaining fields still at a risk of seeing corn earworm damage. The majority of these fields are now focused across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, and Low risks are in place tonight into tomorrow morning mainly across portions of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and southwestern Ontario, Canada. A break in the risk comes tomorrow night into Sunday morning as high pressure moves into the upper Midwest and keeps any southerly winds out of the area of remaining concern. By Sunday night into Monday, however, the next cold front will be advancing into the Plains states and southerly winds will initially return to the Plains and western Midwest. Low risks are in place mainly west of a Kirksville, Missouri to Eau Claire, Wisconsin line and then as far east as Detroit, Michigan by Monday night into Tuesday until this front moves away from the corn-growing region. Fresh market and processing crop growers located in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region should continue to monitor their susceptible fields over the course of the next week and take appropriate action, if needed, to protect their fields from corn earworm damage if present.