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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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A cold front is likely to pass through much of the corn-growing region late this week and into next weekend. High pressure is holding firm across the Great Lakes region, and this will keep any migration risks at bay until tomorrow night into Thursday morning. Low risks enter the picture across the Plains and western Midwest, mainly west of US 65 and I-35 and south of the North and South Dakota border east into central Minnesota, by that time as south to southwest winds increase. The risk spreads east to near Lake Michigan and into northeastern Illinois by Thursday night into Friday and finally into lower Michigan and northern Indiana by Saturday night. The front then decreases in strength thereafter and no further risk is being issued due to weaker southerly winds. The primary risk, at this point, is for fresh market and processing growers located along and north of I-80 but especially in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan where these crops may still be most widespread and at susceptible stages to damage. Growers in these areas should continue to monitor their crops until they move past susceptible stages where damage from corn earworm may occur.