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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks continue for much of the corn-growing region the next five days as an active weather pattern is expected to remain in place. Persistent southerly flow has resulted in scattered corn earworm flights evidenced by increased trap counts as far north as Minnesota in the past week and this trend is expected to continue into next week as well. For tonight into early Saturday, the main risk area is confined to areas mainly east of a Tulsa, Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois line across the central and eastern corn-growing regions as a cold front pushes through this area. Wind speeds are not expected to be as favorable as earlier this week but with trap counts increasing in the source regions in the mid-south, at least some isolated to scattered flights may affect areas in the Low risk area.

By Saturday night/Sunday morning and beyond, attention shifts back to the west as the next weather system develops and advances east into the western Plains region. Southerly winds will once again pose a corn earworm migration risk initially in the Plains late Saturday and early Sunday before spreading across much of the central and southern corn-growing region for the extended period. Increased migration risks may be forthcoming next week once confidence in critical weather features and the strength of southerly winds is better known so continue to monitor forecasts as we move into next week.