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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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The next in a series of low pressure systems should emerge into the Plains states by tomorrow. High pressure is expected to drift off the southeast of the corn-growing region which will allow southerly winds to return to much of the Midwest. This particular weather system is not expected to be as strong as the one that moved through the corn-growing region in the past few days, but it may provide enough southerly winds to produce an isolated corn earworm moth flight especially across the central and southern thirds of the region. An active moth population is currently present in the mid-south and also as far north as southeast Missouri, so the moths are not far away from more active and widespread corn acreage. Higher risks are not being issued, however, as the first generation of moths currently present do not pose a threat to crops at this time. Higher first generation populations can, however, lead to a larger scale second generation flight when crops will be at a susceptible stage later in the growing season. Growers should continue to monitor traps now and take note of high moth captures.