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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Low corn earworm migration risks are in the forecast for at least the next five days as the weather pattern transitions from a northwest to southeast dominated flow to one of a southwest to northeast flow. Southwest flow weather patterns typically result in increased warmth, humidity, and southerly winds along with the potential for showers and thunderstorms near frontal boundaries. The southerly winds may also result in isolated corn earworm moth flights into the Midwest from southern source regions. Crops are not at a susceptible stage to damage and while the first generation may still be active in the south, crops in that area are becoming more attractive to moths and they may not migrate as readily as a few weeks ago. As a result, only Low risks are in place through the next five days further north into the Midwest. Low risks initially are in the Plains states tonight into Saturday morning with the risk then spreading north and east into portions of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and eastern Midwest by Sunday and early next week. Growers as far north as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan may see new moths arrive next week.