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Corn Earworm

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A persistent weather pattern featuring high pressure in the southeastern United States and low pressure in the northern Plains is expected for the balance of this week. The result will be a rather prolonged period of southerly winds blowing north into a good portion of the corn-growing region especially from source regions in Oklahoma, Texas, and portions of Arkansas and northern Louisiana. Some active corn earworm source regions are found in this area but more significant populations are just to the east of expected source regions this week and crops are becoming more favorable to earworms in the south as their growth is further along compared to fields in the Midwest. As a result, only Low risks are being issued despite the persistent pattern expected this week. Low risks cover much of the corn-growing region from Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota east as far as Ohio and north into portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and southern Michigan. Growers all across the corn-growing region should monitor their traps for isolated to perhaps scattered moth increases in the next week but crops are not at a susceptible stage to damage as of yet.