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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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A very persistent weather pattern is expected to continue to hold across much of the central United States, including the corn-growing region, through the rest of this week and potentially into next weekend. High pressure is expected to hold firm across the southeast United States while low pressure meanders in the northern Plains states. In between these two pressure centers, south to southwest winds are likely to blow with an origination point focused primarily in Texas and Oklahoma. Scattered to occasionally organized shower and thunderstorm clusters are expected nightly during this week, and these precipitation areas may allow any flying corn earworm to drop out further to the north across the corn-growing region. Much of the region especially south of I-90 is under a Low risk through the balance of the week and even into next weekend, but some moths may make it even further north into Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan during this time as well. Despite the persistent pattern, only Low risks are maintained due to crops becoming more favorable in source regions across the south and mid-south regions and crops in the corn-growing region are not at susceptible stages to damage. Nonetheless, growers are advised to monitor trap counts and moth activity as at least isolated flights will be possible in the next week across a large area.