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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Alert Details

No risk of corn earworm migration is predicted until late week and next weekend as high pressure builds into the upper Midwest following a strong cold front that moved through much of the corn-growing region in the last 24 hours. Any south or southwesterly winds that may result in potential migration events are not expected to return to the corn-growing region until Friday night and Saturday mainly across Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri where a Low risk is predicted at that time. The Low risk expands northeast as high pressure begins to shift back into the southeast United States later in the weekend with some fields as far northeast as Wisconsin and northwest Illinois potentially seeing an isolated migration risk. Despite a lack of risk in the short term, growers are urged to continue to check traps and in fields especially where fresh market or very early planted crops are present that may be entering or in critical growth stages as some moth flights have likely occurred in the past several days across a good portion of the corn-growing region.