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Corn Earworm

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The next in a series of cold fronts is predicted to pass through the corn-growing region in the next five days as the overall weather pattern remains locked in a progressive, northwest flow. Corn earworm migration events in such synoptic scale weather patterns have historically never produced higher magnitude corn earworm migration events, so risk levels are being kept in the Low category through this forecasting period. Southerly winds will continue to expand east across the Plains and into the western Midwest by tonight into Friday morning, and Low migration risks are in place mainly south of US 14 in South Dakota and Minnesota and west of the Mississippi River. Low risks do expand east into the Great Lakes region and eastern Midwest by the weekend, but remain primarily south of I-90 at the start of the weekend and south of I-80 by late in the weekend. No migration risk is in place by early next week as northwest winds lock in across virtually all of the corn-growing region.