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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks are not predicted to return to the corn-growing region until late in the weekend and early next week as the weather pattern remains largely dominated by weak northwest flow. There are signs that some south to southwest winds, primarily originating from source regions in west Texas and Oklahoma, will return to the Plains and western Midwest by this weekend and especially into early next week. These winds may pose a Low corn earworm migration threat, but generally western Texas is not considered a favorable source region for this insect compared to the mid-south or Mississippi River valley. As a result, only Low risks are in the forecast from Sunday night into Monday and also Monday night into Tuesday from Kansas and western Missouri northeast into Nebraska, far southeast South Dakota, southern Minnesota, southwest Wisconsin, Iowa, and western Illinois. Growers all across the corn-growing region should continue to monitor fields at susceptible stages to damage from this insect as flights earlier in the growing season may be entering into their second generation and larvae may be present in some areas where higher flights occurred.