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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Alert Details

The corn-growing region weather pattern is predicted to change a little bit in the coming week but northwest flow should largely hold in place. As a result, corn earworm migration risks do not eclipse the Low category in the next week. No risk continues for the next two nights, but Low risks do return to the Plains and western Midwest as well as the upper Mississippi River valley by Sunday night into Monday as the next low pressure system organizes in the northern Plains and southern Canada and high pressure moves into the eastern United States. Southerly wind flow is not predicted to be optimal for larger scale flights as the source region will be located in Texas and Oklahoma versus more favorable locations further east along the Mississippi River, but Low risks are justified given the time of year and crop stage becoming more attractive further north into the corn-growing region. Low risks continue to near Lake Michigan and into Illinois by Monday night and Tuesday, and finally into the southern Great Lakes and eastern Midwest as a cold front moves through the corn-growing region by mid-week next week. Growers are advised to continue to monitor fields especially for larvae from earlier flights that are now appearing especially if the field is at a susceptible stage to damage.