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Corn Earworm

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A break in the corn earworm migration risks is predicted until late in the weekend and early next week when the next weather system develops and moves through the corn-growing region. By that time, Low risks commence across the Plains initially and then spread east through the upper Midwest and eventually into the Great Lakes region. The primary risk area is focused along/north of I-80 by next week as crops to the south of I-80 are past critical growth stages and this area may serve as a source region for moths flying north into the upper Midwest where some crops are still at susceptible stages to damage. Fresh-market and processing crops are at most risk now as the majority of field corn has moved past critical stages even in the upper Midwest. Growers are advised that some corn earworm traps are currently reporting their highest number of moths so far this growing season from Minnesota southeast into Michigan and Indiana from moth flights that have occurred in the last couple weeks. If growers have fields at critical stages of growth, it is encouraged to scout fields and treat as needed until the crop advances past critical growth stages.