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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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A strong low pressure system is predicted to move through the corn-growing region this week and will bring the first true taste of fall to much of the region by late week and next weekend. Before this system moves through, however, a period of south to southwest winds in advance of the low pressure system may result in isolated corn earworm moth flights into the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region later tonight and tomorrow morning into tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. Low risks are predicted tonight from eastern Nebraska into Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Indiana, northwest Ohio, and lower Michigan. Low risks continue mainly east of I-35 and north of I-80 tomorrow night into Wednesday morning, and before the front clears the eastern Midwest, a Low risk is also predicted east of I-69 Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Fresh-market and processing growers in the upper Midwest are continuing to deal with scattered high corn earworm moth populations and additional moths may arrive by mid-week as well but mainly on an isolated basis and effects from any flights this week are not expected to impact growers too much more given high moth populations already in place and additional crops advancing past critical growth stages or into harvest. No risk is predicted late week and into next weekend as the cool air arrives along with northwest winds.