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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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As the overall weather pattern translates back into a zonal or northwesterly flow, corn earworm migration risks will be more limited in comparison to the past few weeks. Southerly winds will not have the opportunity to blow north as far or cover as large of an area as has been seen recently. As a result, only Low corn earworm migration risks are predicted on an occasional basis through the middle of next week.

As a cold front settles south through the upper Midwest into the corn-growing region the next 24 hours, southwest winds in advance of the front and northwest of high pressure in Tennessee will continue. A narrow and focused Low migration risk region is predicted from Kansas northeast into eastern Iowa, northern Illinois, and far southeast Wisconsin for tonight into early tomorrow morning. Some scattered precipitation areas may allow for isolated flights and insect drop-out into this region.

Looking further ahead, any migration risks appear to be confined to the Plains region mainly south of the Nebraska/South Dakota border as northwest flow will likely confine south winds to this area. Low risks are in place from Sunday through Tuesday primarily in Nebraska and Kansas with no risk elsewhere.