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Corn Earworm

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Moderate Risk
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Enhanced corn earworm migration risks remain in the forecast through Thursday morning as a cold front pushes southeast from the Plains states into the Midwest. High pressure in the southeastern United States will remain in place through the period, and as a result rather persistent south to southwest winds originating from source regions in northern Texas, southern Oklahoma, northwest Louisiana, and southern Arkansas will continue to blow largely unimpeded to the north into the Corn Belt. Moderate corn earworm migration risks are in place for tonight into early tomorrow morning from northern Oklahoma and Kansas northeast into northwest/western Missouri, southeast Nebraska, and western Iowa. Low risks extend north and east into Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. By Wednesday evening into Thursday morning, the Moderate risk area shifts east and includes all growing regions from Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas northeast into Missouri, southeast Iowa, Illinois, northern Indiana, and even into southern Michigan. Low risks persist through the extended period as the cold front turns stationary across the southern edge of the Corn Belt. Southerly winds are expected to be weaker but migration risks will continue due to nightly rain chances interacting with southerly winds originating from favorable source regions.