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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Corn earworm migration risks remain in the forecast for the next couple of days as the next weather system pushes through the corn-growing region. Low pressure developing in eastern Colorado and western Kansas has a warm front extending east between I-70 and I-80 this morning. This warm front may lift a little further north during the day today and will serve as a focus for showers/thunderstorms this afternoon and into the overnight hours. Southerly winds to the south of the front and precipitation areas along the front may allow a few corn earworm moths to fly north. The greatest risk is focused from eastern Kansas, far southeast Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and into far southwest Wisconsin. As the front settles south, only Low risks are focused mainly along and south of I-70 from eastern Kansas into southwest Ohio. The front is predicted to continue shifting south, and will put an end to any corn earworm migration risks after Friday morning. Growers should be on the alert for possible isolated moth flights into the central portion of the corn-growing region over the next couple days, especially where tasseling corn is present.