Insect Alert For

Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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The weather pattern across much of the corn-growing region is beginning to shift from an active zonal or even southwest flow to a northwest or northerly flow as a cold front pushes southeast into the southern portion of the Midwest and eventually the Ohio River valley and mid-south region of the country. As this occurs, cooler and drier weather is predicted to take hold and any southerly winds are likely to be confined to source regions across the mid-south and southern states, effectively eliminating the risk of corn earworm migration into the corn-growing region. Before the northwest flow pattern takes hold, however, another night of Low corn earworm migration risk extends from Kansas east into Missouri, southern Illinois and Indiana, and southwest Ohio as well as a good portion of Kentucky as the front settles south. Some isolated migration events may occur in this area, but trap counts continue to remain rather low across a good portion of the mid-south so any flights should be isolated and counts rather low. Looking ahead to the weekend and into early next week, no risks are in the forecast as northwest flow takes hold.