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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm migration risks will be on the increase especially later this week and into next weekend as a persistent southwest to northeast flow weather pattern takes hold across the southern and central corn-growing region. Some source region moth populations across the mid-south continue to show increases but are still largely below average for this time of year. Nonetheless, a persistent southerly to southwesterly flow may lead to at least isolated but potentially scattered moth flights into the corn-growing region by next weekend. Low risks are in the forecast beginning Wednesday night into Thursday mainly south of I-90 and west of the Mississippi River as southerly winds increase ahead of a developing low pressure system. By late week and into the weekend, Low risks envelop fields from Kansas, Nebraska, and southeast South Dakota east as far as southern lower Michigan and western Ohio. Moderate risks have been introduced into the forecast for Saturday night into Sunday on either side of the Mississippi River from northeast Kansas, Iowa, and far southeast Minnesota east into southern Wisconsin and western Illinois as well as northern Missouri. Field and sweet corn growers across this area should be especially mindful of the potential of new moth arrivals in the next week.