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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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The primary storm track is predicted to shift into the southwest corn-growing region and even into the mid-south for at least the start of the week. As a result, any corn earworm migration possibilities should hold off until the middle or latter portions of the week. Even then, only Low risks are predicted mainly across the western corn-growing region as high pressure should keep most risks west of the Great Lakes through this week. An active, building corn earworm moth population is now present especially in the mid-south and northern Mississippi delta region. A lack of southerly winds, however, into the corn-growing region should preclude this moth flight from blowing north, however. Low risks return to the forecast especially across the Plains and western Midwest by Wednesday night into Thursday, and then expand east as far as Lake Michigan and into Illinois by Friday night and Saturday morning. Growers with both field and sweet/fresh-market corn should monitor traps closely this week as new moths may have arrived on cold fronts and precipitation over the weekend.