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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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Low corn earworm migration risks continue on a nightly basis right through next weekend and into early next week as a predominantly fast-moving, northwest flow weather pattern remains in place. Short-duration southerly wind events, especially focused in the southwest portion of the corn-growing region, may lead to primarily isolated and short distance corn earworm flights during this time. Low risks are in place tonight into tomorrow morning mainly across Kansas, Missouri, and into southwest Illinois as the main storm track remains across the region. Low risks do extend further north tomorrow night into Friday morning, with some isolated moths potentially making it up into Iowa on a somewhat narrow corridor of southerly winds. Looking ahead to the weekend, Low risks continue mainly west of Lake Michigan and south of US 20, although a few moths could make it up into southeast South Dakota and southern Minnesota especially on Friday night. The overall theme to take away from this forecast is a predominant northwest flow remains in place, and in such events, the greatest risk for any migration is usually in the southwest portion of the corn-growing region as the jet stream and storm track is displaced across that particular portion of the Midwest. Growers located in this region should monitor fields and traps closely and be prepared to take any necessary action if threshold values are met.