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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Alert Details

The weather pattern across the corn-growing region is predicted to turn more active as we move into later this upcoming weekend and through the middle portion of next week. Low pressure is likely to develop and deepen across the northern Plains states while high pressure moves from the central corn-growing region into the eastern United States by early next week. Southerly winds will develop in between these two pressure systems, and winds are expected to be rather gusty at times. These gusty winds may lead to some corn earworm moth flights, especially into the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region where fresh-market and processing growers could still be impacted by new flights. Low risks enter into the forecast Sunday night into Monday from the Plains east to Lake Michigan and I-55, then east into central lower Michigan and Indiana Monday night into Tuesday, and finally as far east as southwest Ontario, Canada and Ohio by Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. While the majority of crops across the corn-growing region are now past critical growth stages, intentional late planting of processing and fresh market crops may still be at risk so these growers should continue to monitor traps and scout fields as long as plants are at susceptible stages to damage.