Insect Alert For

Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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A persistent weather pattern is predicted to hold through the next several days across much of the corn-growing region. High pressure is likely to dominate the Great Lakes and eastern areas while weak low pressure systems meander across the northern Plains and into southern Canada. In between these two pressure centers, mainly light to occasionally moderate southerly winds are expected. These winds may result in a few isolated corn earworm moth flights into portions of the corn-growing region, with fresh-market and processing fields at greatest risk in the upper Midwest. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow morning from far western and northwestern Illinois and western Wisconsin west into the Plains, and mainly along/west of the Mississippi River tomorrow night into Thursday morning. After midday Thursday, no risk is predicted as southerly winds are predicted to weaken and should no longer pose a threat into next weekend.