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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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The weather pattern should become more favorable for corn earworm migration by late week and into next weekend as a more summerlike “Ring of Fire” pattern sets up across the corn-growing region. High pressure is predicted to anchor itself over the mid-Mississippi River valley while southwest winds blow to the west of the high pressure center into the Plains and western corn-growing region as low pressure meanders across the far northern Plains and into south central Canada. The source region for these winds will not be the most optimal and given the time of year, a more limited number of crops, notably fresh-market and vegetables, should be impacted by any isolated flights so the forecast only has Low risks in it for now, and mainly south of I-90 and west of the Mississippi River. A few moths may make it into western Illinois and southwest Wisconsin especially on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but the greater threat appears to lie further to the west at this time.