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Corn Earworm

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A brief break in the corn earworm migration risk is in the forecast through midday tomorrow morning, but then as the next low pressure system develops and meanders across the northern Plains and into the southern Canadian prairies next week, Low corn earworm migration risks will envelop much of the corn-growing region throughout the beginning into the middle of next week. Rather broad south to southwesterly wind flow should set up initially across the Plains states by Saturday night into Sunday morning, and then further east into the Mississippi River valley by Monday, and all the way east into the Great Lakes region and eastern corn-growing region by next Tuesday and Wednesday. The source region for these winds is predicted to initially be in Texas and Oklahoma so only isolated flights, if any, are anticipated. Flights may become a little more intense by the middle of the next week as source regions move east into more active corn earworm fields in the mid-south. Risks are being kept in the Low category for now as wind speeds are not predicted to be optimal and host plants in the source region are still very attractive to the corn earworms that are present in that area. Growers with crops at susceptible stages to damage should continue to monitor traps and take appropriate action where moth flights have occurred.