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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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Alert Details

A very warm to hot weekend and early week of weather is anticipated across the heart of the corn-growing region this weekend as a low pressure system develops and churns in the northern Plains states. High pressure is expected to move off to the southeast with time, leaving a rather broad area of south to southwest winds across especially the western and central portion of the corn-growing region with some eastern fields also being impacted. These winds may result in some isolated corn earworm moth flights mainly west of I-35 Friday night into Saturday morning and then generally west of a line from near Detroit, Michigan to west of Cincinnati, Ohio both Saturday and Sunday nights. A cold front will eventually push southeast through the corn-growing region next week, but likely not until the middle portion of the week so additional risks are likely in forthcoming forecasts. Field corn is not at a susceptible stage to damage so risks are being kept low, but early-planted vegetable and fresh-market growers may need to monitor traps and gardens/plots as some new moth flights may result in some potential issues in the next week.