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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm risks are expected to remain in the low category, if any, in the next five days. Predominantly northwest flow is expected to continue through the middle of next week as low pressure remains in firm control in the James Bay region and northwest winds blow south from Canada into the corn-growing region and eastern United States. Low risks are predicted later tonight into Saturday morning across Nebraska, Kansas, far western Iowa, and extreme northwest/western Missouri as weak southerly winds may lead to a few isolated short-distance moth flights from source regions in southern Kansas and Oklahoma to the north. With high pressure pushing south from the upper Midwest later Saturday and into Sunday, no risk is predicted during this time period. A Low risk returns by Sunday night into Monday as west to southwest winds blow to the east and northeast mainly to the south of I-80 from Kansas and southeast Nebraska into southern Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and portions of Ohio. Again, with only weak wind speeds expected, nothing more than isolated flights are expected at this time. No risk is predicted early next week.