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Corn Earworm

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No Risk
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A couple of cold fronts are expected to track through much of the corn-growing region between now and early next week. Both fronts carry the chance of at least isolated corn earworm migration, but their progressive nature may limit the overall risk. The first front brings a Low corn earworm migration risk from Kansas and northwest Missouri northeast as far as eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, and far western Wisconsin tomorrow night into Saturday morning. This front slides off to the east rather quickly and interacts with remnants of Harvey currently moving through the mid-south. South to southwest winds return fairly quickly, however, ahead of the next cold front. Low risks are in place from Kansas and Missouri northeast into the same areas as tomorrow night but also further east to Lake Michigan and into Illinois by Sunday night into Monday with Low risks continuing across the southern Great Lakes region Monday night into Tuesday as this front passes through. Processing and fresh market growers should continue to monitor traps and scout fields as these are the crops likely remaining that may still be affected by corn earworm flights.