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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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Low corn earworm migration risks remain in the forecast on a near daily basis as an active yet stagnant southerly wind flow pattern remains in place across at least a portion of the corn-growing region into next weekend. Low risks are predicted tonight into tomorrow morning from Nebraska, Iowa, and central Illinois north into South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Low risks then extend east into the southern Great Lakes area tomorrow night as a decaying cold front moves east to near the Mississippi River. By late week and into next weekend, Low risks are found mainly west of Lake Michigan as a low pressure system and cold front become stalled due to blocking effects of Hurricanes Jose and Maria in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. South to southwest winds should remain in place across this region for at least three days straight, and could lead to some new isolated moth flights into remaining processing and fresh market fields even at this point in the growing season.