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Corn Earworm

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Corn earworm migration risks remain in the forecast on a daily basis into early next week as a rather stagnant, south to southwest flow weather pattern is expected to stay in place until that time. Hurricanes Jose and Maria are keeping the weather pattern from being the usual September progressive nature, and are expected to keep southerly winds in place especially west of Lake Michigan. Low risks are in place tonight across the southwestern Great Lakes area as a weak cold front moves east through the region. Thereafter, however, a persistent forecast of Low risks is predicted from Nebraska, Iowa, and central Illinois north into the upper Midwest and at least eastern portions of the northern Plains as a new low pressure system and cold front develop. This front is expected to move little until early next week, so Low migration risks are in the forecast from tomorrow night into early Monday morning. Processors and fresh market growers still operating in the upper Midwest are encouraged to monitor traps and scout fields into next week.