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Corn Earworm

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Moderate Risk Level
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South to southwest winds are predicted to cause some scattered corn earworm flights especially into the northern corn-growing regions of the northern Plains and upper Midwest in the next four days. Initially, low risks are in place later this evening into early Wednesday morning mainly west of Lake Michigan and I-57 (Wisconsin/Illinois and points west) and also south of I-94 from Wisconsin into Minnesota and then south of the North/South Dakota border as south winds feed north into this area. As wind speeds increase by Wednesday night into Thursday, a Moderate risk is introduced to the forecast especially west of I-35 and roughly north of US 20 in Nebraska with Low risks east into Wisconsin and Illinois.

As a cold front pushes southeast through the corn-growing region by late week and into the weekend, the risk areas expand south/east with a Moderate risk predicted Thursday night and into Friday across portions of eastern Nebraska, northern Iowa, extreme northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and southeast Minnesota. Low risks also shift east into the southern Great Lakes, Ontario, and Ohio/Indiana as well by the weekend. As the cold front pushes southeast, no risk is predicted by later in the weekend as northwest winds and falling temperatures become commonplace.