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Corn Earworm

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Low corn earworm migration risks return to the forecast by late week and into next weekend as a period of favorable southerly winds returns along with some heat and moisture ahead of the next cold front. Low risks are in place Thursday night into Friday morning mainly west of I-35 and south of I-90, or from Kansas and western Missouri north as far as southern South Dakota and southwest Minnesota. Southerly winds which should originate in Texas given the overall weather setup may result in a few isolated moth flights into the risk area. By Friday night into Saturday morning, southerly winds should expand north and east, so Low migration risks are found as far east as I-55 in Illinois and as far north as the US 12 corridor especially in Minnesota and then on east into southern Wisconsin. With recent above average temperatures and continued periodic rains in many areas in the last month, crops are more advanced in their growth compared to the last few years, with sweet corn and also some field corn now tasseling especially along and south of I-80. Growers should be on the alert for moths potentially causing some damage earlier this year compared to the past few years given these factors.