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Corn Earworm

Risk Level:
Low Risk
Affected Area:
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As a couple of weather systems pass through the central and eastern United States in the next week, the opportunity for corn earworm migration mainly on an isolated basis is predicted at the beginning and end of the next five day period.

A Low migration risk is predicted late this evening into tomorrow morning mainly from eastern Iowa and Wisconsin east into the eastern Midwest, Great Lakes region, and southwest Ontario as southwest to west winds increase ahead of a cold front. Precipitation is expected to remain rather limited along this front and with many crops now mature or approaching maturity in many areas, only Low risks are predicted.

No risk is predicted through midday Friday as wind flow will be either very limited or from an unfavorable direction to result in any migration possibilitites. A Low risk returns by Friday night and Saturday morning as the next weather system moves into the central United States. Southerly winds in the Plains and western Midwest may result in some isolated flights to the north by that time.