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Corn Earworm

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Low Risk
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An active weather pattern is expected to remain in place across much of the corn-growing region through at least the middle of next week. The result will be near daily chances of at least isolated corn earworm moth flights given a favorable weather pattern expected to be in place. While southerly winds may not be overly strong at any point in the next 4-5 days, the persistence of these winds may lead to different flights on an almost nightly basis across a large portion of the northern corn-growing region. Fresh market and processing crops growers, as well as those fields that were planted or re-planted late and still have fresh silks, should continue to aggressively watch traps and scout fields as the risk of corn earworm damage is still very much present. Low risks focus from eastern Nebraska and far eastern South Dakota into Wisconsin and Illinois tonight into tomorrow morning, and then primarily east of I-35 tomorrow night into Saturday morning. Then, over the holiday weekend, much of the northern corn-growing region from Nebraska and South Dakota as far east as lower Michigan and Ohio are included in the risk.