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Corn Rootworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
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Corn rootworm hatch risks will continue to expand north with more widespread larvae and potential root feeding concerns now moving into the northern reaches of the corn-growing region. Moderate risks essentially cover the more marginal/scattered acreage regions with High risks now enveloping much of the corn-growing region from Kansas, Nebraska, and eastern South Dakota east into Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, lower Michigan, and into southern Ontario, Canada, as well. Moderate risks are found from the eastern Plains of Colorado into western Nebraska, central South Dakota, southeast North Dakota, central and northern Minnesota, and east into northern Wisconsin, central and northern lower Michigan, and into additional areas of southern Ontario, Canada not included in the High risk as well as northeastern Ohio. Growers should dig up both corn and soybean roots and determine if larvae are present and either take necessary action or at least note the locations for future years and crop planning decisions.