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Corn Rootworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
Affected Area:
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High and moderate corn rootworm risks remain in the forecast for the next week across a large portion of the corn-growing region. Increasing beetle populations are a growing concern in the areas where rootworms are present especially along/south of I-90 while continued larvae pressure may be present to the north of this region. Growers are encouraged to both dig up roots and also monitor beetle populations where corn is silking/tasseling and at least take note for next year’s crop (especially if high pressure) or where warranted, time treatment appropriately if beetle populations are exceeding threshold value. High risks are found in the more intensive acreage fields from Kansas, Nebraska, and the eastern Dakotas as far east as lower Michigan, Ohio, and southern Ontario, Canada with Moderate risks in the more scattered, or fringe, growing areas in eastern Colorado and adjacent western Nebraska and the Dakotas and then into the Great Lakes region north of the High risk.