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Corn Rootworm

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High Risk
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Corn rootworm hatch risks envelop much of the corn-growing region from eastern Colorado into Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, lower Michigan, and also into southern Ontario, Canada. Growers all across the corn-growing region are encouraged to dig up roots in both corn and soybean fields to determine local larvae population levels. Fields south of I-80 have likely seen peak hatch while fields north of I-90 may just be in the early stages of hatch or nearing peak hatch in the next week or so, so there is a variation in what is to be expected in the fields from southern to northern areas at this time. Additional new hatches should focus mainly north of I-90 at this time, with some fields in eastern North Dakota and northwestern/western Minnesota maybe just now seeing new hatches in the next week.