Insect Alert For

Corn Rootworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
Affected Area:
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High corn rootworm hatch risks are now in place from southern Kansas east into far southeast Nebraska, southern Iowa, Missouri, much of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio where more widespread hatches are now possible. Moderate risks are found to the north of the High risk area where heat unit accumulations have recently met or exceeded threshold values for initial hatch risks, and where scattered corn rootworm populations are expected at this time. The Moderate risk area extends from northern and western Kansas into Nebraska, central Iowa, northern Illinois, and east into portions of far northern Indiana and Ohio as well as southern lower Michigan. By late week and into next weekend, we will also introduce elevated risks in eastern Colorado, the remainder of northwestern Kansas, central Nebraska, much of Iowa, far northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and also further north into lower Michigan as well as a portion of far southwestern Ontario, Canada east of Detroit, Michigan. Growers in and near the risk areas are encouraged to dig up roots and monitor more advanced crops for signs of corn rootworms.