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Corn Rootworm

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High Risk
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Corn rootworm hatch will continue especially in fields along and north of I-90 while corn rootworm beetle emergence will increase on either side of I-80 in the next week. Reports of beetle emergence are now coming in from Nebraska east into Indiana as well as Wisconsin and lower Michigan while corn rootworm hatches continue to be observed especially in the upper Midwest. Growers all across the corn-growing region are encouraged to check their fields, both corn and soybeans, by digging up roots and assessing larvae populations. In soybean fields, growers should attempt to pull up any volunteer corn, noting whether the corn is non-GMO or GMO corn first, and then determine if the corn pulls up easily or not. Many root hairs indicates that corn rootworms are not present in high numbers or at all, but if many larvae are present then you may have a problem. Where beetles are present, monitor the number of beetles per plant and take appropriate action if it is needed based on threshold values. High larvae and beetle populations may indicate the need to consider changing plans for next growing season.