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Corn Rootworm

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High Risk
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Corn rootworm hatch and beetle activity continues across much of the corn-growing region. Remaining corn rootworm hatches are likely focused along and north of I-94 in North Dakota, central and northern Minnesota, and northern Wisconsin while corn rootworm beetle activity is likely further south. Several reports of beetle emergence and counts have been observed all across the corn-growing region in the last few weeks. Growers should continue to monitor their fields and take note of beetle populations. High beetle populations would suggest the potential need to adjust decisions for next growing season. To assess root conditions and larvae populations, it is suggested that growers not only pull up field corn but also volunteer corn in soybean fields, taking note whether the field or volunteer corn is GMO or non-GMO. If the plant pulls up easily, assess the roots for signs of corn rootworm feeding and/or larvae. If the roots look hairy and largely undisturbed, then you many not have a problem but if there are few hairs and signs of feeding, as well as the presence of larvae, keep a close eye on the area and consider making changes to your growing plan in 2015.