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Corn Rootworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
Affected Area:
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Corn rootworm risks remain in place through the next week across much of the corn-growing region. Any remaining hatch risks should be confined to the far northwestern portion of the corn-growing region (North Dakota and perhaps far northwest Minnesota), with beetle emergence and presence risks continuing across the remainder of the corn-growing region in the next week. Continued field reports of beetle presence and root pruning are coming in from scattered locations across much of the Midwest with some beetle counts exceeding threshold values in some areas. Growers are advised to continue to scout both their corn and soybean fields and assess not only beetle populations but also dig up or pull corn plants to check root status and feeding damage. If roots are hairy and the plants do not pull up easily, corn rootworm problems may be more minimal. If beetle counts are rather high and root pruning is present, you may need to consider a change in your planting practices next growing season.