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Corn Rootworm

Risk Level:
High Risk
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Corn rootworm risks remain in the High category as reports of corn rootworm beetle activity continue to come in especially across the northern half or so of the corn-growing region. High risks remain in place this week across far northeast Colorado, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, northern Illinois, Wisconsin, lower Michigan, northern Indiana and Ohio, and into southern Ontario, Canada. Growers should continue to monitor beetle populations for the next week or so as high beetle populations, even in fields that are past critical growth stages, may indicate the need to adjust planting decisions for next growing season. Where crops are still at susceptible stages to damage, growers should also consider possible treatment especially if threshold values are exceeded. Risks are being removed across the southern portion of the corn-growing region as any corn rootworm beetles in these areas should not pose a threat and also where beetle counts should be on the decline due to a less favorable host as corn continues to advance in maturity.