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Corn Rootworm

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High Risk
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Corn rootworm beetle risks will remain in the forecast across much of the corn-growing region in the next week and into next weekend. High risks remain in the forecast from Kansas north into Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, northern Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, lower Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and southern Ontario, Canada. Rootworm problems have been scattered but pressure has been higher in areas where this insect typically has resulted in issues in the past. Growers are advised to scout fields and monitor beetle population and pressure in their own fields and not rely on just what your neighbors or extension reports are saying as problems are somewhat scattered. Growers that do have beetle populations, even if not at or above treatment thresholds, should consider planning ahead to 2018 for potential changes in planting practices and/or field management to lessen the overall risk from this insect next year.