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Corn Rootworm

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High Risk
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High corn rootworm hatch risks continue in the forecast for the remainder of this week and into the weekend across a large portion of the corn-growing region. Fields from eastern Colorado into Kansas, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, northern Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, lower Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and southern Ontario, Canada are all at risk of seeing either continued or new hatches. The most favored area for new hatches is likely along and north of I-90 by this point, but some beetle emergence is also possible in most advanced areas especially across the southern reaches of the area where corn rootworm could potentially be present in the southern corn-growing region. Growers should dig up roots, both in corn and soybean fields, and determine if populations are present. Most susceptible fields are those that are well-tiled/drained and also those with a previous history of corn rootworm issues even with protective traits and/or corn on corn fields.