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Soybean Aphid

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Soybean aphid populations continue to remain low across virtually the entire upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, but there has been an increase in both coverage and populations in several areas due to recent favorable weather conditions for soybean aphid regeneration. Given low populations present and also a higher population of natural predators now keeping soybean aphid populations in check in some regions, the soybean aphid risk level throughout the next week is kept in the Low category. Winged soybean aphids are becoming more prevalent especially in western portions of the upper Midwest which may lead to a potential migration event late in the weekend and early next week when an unseasonably strong area of low pressure develops over the Great Lakes region and northwest winds lock in across much of the upper Midwest and western Great Lakes. Along with these northwest winds, a return to a potentially more favorable weather pattern for continued soybean aphid population increases is predicted by the weekend and into much of next week across the upper Midwest. With many soybean fields in full bloom now and at critical growth stages where economic impacts are possible, growers are urged to actively scout fields and take note of population dynamics in between scouting periods. If you see a rapid increase in aphid populations, scout more often and be prepared to make decisions whether to treat or not based on provided economic thresholds, crop stage, presence of natural predators, and what is going on in the field and not necessarily what the regional report is saying.