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Soybean Aphid

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Soybean aphid risks remain in the Low category for the next week. Overall, field reports continue to indicate either no or very low soybean aphid populations with only extremely isolated cases of higher population densities across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region. The presence of natural predators has helped suppress soybean aphid populations in some fields where they are present. With soybeans in critical reproductive growth stages across the majority of the region, growers are advised to continue to actively scout fields and monitor for the presence of soybean aphid. If present, watch for population changes and also for any natural enemies that may inhabit the field as well. Weather conditions are predicted to stay rather favorable for potential soybean aphid regeneration in the next week so populations, where they exist, may increase in some areas this week. It is also recommended to make any treatment decisions based on what is occurring in your fields versus what the regional report may be saying as soybean aphid populations are rather hit and miss this year but some locally high populations are present in isolated areas.