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Soybean Aphid

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Moderate Risk
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Soybean aphid risks remain in the forecast for the next week, but overall risks are on the decline for this growing season as an increasingly larger percent of the soybean crop is now past critical growth stages where much, if any, economic impacts are found and additionally, soybean aphids may already be migrating back to buckthorn, their overwintering host, as rather cool and windy weather enveloped much of the upper Midwest in the latter half of this past weekend. Given these factors, only Low risks remain in place to the west of Lake Michigan to mainly cover late-planted or slowly-maturing fields where some isolated problems and spraying may still be warranted. Moderate risks do remain in place this week across lower Michigan east into southwest Ontario, Canada where soybean crops are not quite as far along in their maturity and where some isolated to potentially scattered problems may still occur, especially in the next week. Growers with soybeans in growth stages before R6 are still advised to continue to scout fields and take appropriate action based on what is occurring in specific fields.